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MoravskÚ BudýjoviceMoravskÚ Budýjovice

MoravskÚ Budýjovice

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Moravske Budejovice is the second largest town in the Trebic region with 8000 citizens. Moravske Budejovice has always profited from the location at the ôHaberskaö business road connecting Moravia and Bohemia. During 16th century it went through a large development thanks to crafts and learning provided in the local school with teachers- Prague Universityĺs graduates. A disaster for Moravske Budejovice was the battle in Bila Hora and its consequences. The turning point at the town development was with no doubt the year 1848. Increasing self-confidence of Czech ethnic as well as increasing number of willing people who without any personal profit worked for common welfare were those factors which led to establishment of many associations. A big influence to the town had the establishment of the factory of farming machines and the foundry of Matej Smrcek. A railway line from Moravske Budejovice to Jemnice was opened in 1896. Local castle was built between years 1666 and 1672 with farming houses and a courtyard, seven buildings on the whole. Since 1946 the castle has been the property of the town and it is a base of local museum.


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MoravskÚ Budýjovice
MoravskÚ Budýjovice
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